Chapter Eleven: The Iron Horse We Ride

Charlene heard an unfamiliar rumble outside her house, the thundering sound of a V twin motorcycle. Looking through the window she saw Luc stop and drop the kickstand on a big black Harley Davidson and pulled off his helmet. 

She opened the door to bright sunshine and walked to the still ticking motorcycle. 

Charlene yelled, "What’s this?"

Luc yelled back, "This is a beach vacation in disguise baby. I got it off Larry for doing his Nova." 

From the back of the bike, Luc pulled a second helmet. He lobbed the helmet and she caught it with a quick motion of her hand.  

He said to her, :I’m going to take a trip to California and sit on a beach and take a vacation. I was thinking that you might want to join me, but if you don’t, please hang on to that helmet for me." 

Charlene was incredulous. "Are you crazy?" 

"Crazy bout you baby." Luc replied slyly.

Charlene looked him all over. The demons of the ghost world were more distraught than ever, blocked further and further away from Luc’s body and spirit. Then she looked into his eyes and saw something, something forgotten.  

He loved her, just her, only her.  

She remembered how that was how she thought love was supposed to be. 

Charlene said back, "Alright, you crazy boy. I’ll be your bitch for a trip. What do I need to bring?"

"Boots and a jacket. Passport. You got a credit card, I’ve got a credit card. Anything we need we can buy on the way."  

She tossed the helmet back to him and went to grab her things. She returned wearing a fringed leather jacket and thigh high stiletto boots. Sunglasses were perched on top of her head. 

"Those aren’t very practical boots for riding a bike, baby." 

Charlene replied, "You’re not planning on letting me fall are you Luc?" 

"No baby, no I’m not."  

Luc mounted the bike’s saddle and held out his hand to help Charlene on behind him. They both donned their helmets and put on sunglasses. Luc hit the starter button and the big v twin roared to life.  

Turning slowly onto the southbound road, Luc and Charlene were soon cruising in the wind, headed towards the 49th and lower parallels. 


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