The Satin Devil Diaries - Live Premier - Oct 30 7:30 PM Festival Place

Charlene Kincaid is something special, an honest to goodness devil on earth masquerading as a vivacious divorce attorney. But she does that just for fun.

Her real job is to gather souls for Hell and she uses both her supernatural powers and her feminine wiles to do just that. 

A bad boy broke her heart and sent her to hell. Will another bad boy send her right back again?

With a live voice cast and music by the Dirty Dirty Devil's, it should be a night to remember. 

Come along for the ride as love takes Charlene to Hell and back, and back again. 

Prizes for the two best Halloween costumes. Video will be recorded of the performance. Video taking is encouraged. 

Doors open at 6:30 Curtain 7:30

Order of events

Chapter 1: Mountain River 

Chapter 2: Two Dead Boys  

Chapter 3: Germany vs. USA 

Chapter 4: Dislodged Demons 

Chapter 5: Hellcat Smoke 

Chapter 6: Introducing the Devil 


Chapter 7: Flatdeck Jam 

Chapter 8: Luc's Love Loss 

Chapter 9: Cowboy Bacchanalia 

Chapter 10: He Held Her Purse Today 

Chapter 11: Iron Horse 

Chapter 12: Sand Gets In Everything 

Chapter 13: Hell To Pay 

Chapter 14: What Could Have Been 

Chapter 15: The Fiery Pit



"Anything you want can be yours."

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