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Satin Devil Diaries

The Satin Devil Diaries is a 15 part dramatic musical serial. Combining music with drama in each episode, the Diaries tell the tragic story  of Charlene Kincaid, a good girl gone very, very bad.

Learn how she became the Satin Devil of Mountain River, Alberta, breaking hearts and stealing souls for Hell. 

Love takes her to Hell and back and back again. But will it ever redeem her?

Find out now.

 Chapter 1: The Satin Devil of Mountain River  - Coming Soon

Chapter 2: Two Dead Boys

Chapter 3: Germany vs. USA 

Chapter 4: Dislodged Demons

Chapter 5: Hellcat Smoke

Chapter 6: Introducing the Devil

Chapter 7: Flatdeck Jam

Chapter 8: Luc's Love Loss

Chapter 9: Cowboy Bacchanalia

Chapter 10: He Held Her Purse Today

Chapter 11: Iron Horse

Chapter 12: Sand Gets In Everything

Chapter 13: Hell To Pay

Chapter 14: What Could Have Been

Chapter 15: The Fiery Pit

Latest Music

The Satin Devil Diaries Soundtrack Vol 1

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Satin Devil Diaries Soundtrack Vol. 1

Dirty Dirty Devil's

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Volume 1 of 3 of the Satin Devil Diaries, including: Satin Devil, Goodbye to a Friend, Hot Car from Texas, Ain't No Stopping Love Now, Hellcat Smoke

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